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3. 1 The Game and the Uses

3. 2 Types of Squeeze Page

3. 3 It is a Useful Trap

3. 4 Categories of Offer

3. 5 Call to Action

3. 6 The Practicals

3. 7 The Process



A squeeze page is a web page with a constitute, whatever it is you obtain email addresses( and perhaps specifies) of your promises for further interactions with them in your is making an effort to tempt and persuade them to do business with you in the very near or distant future.

There are two possible vistums to a squeezing sheet ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

– The possibility of what it should be and

– The tradition of actually providing it up online.

In a good prove of brevity I will touch both aspects in this discussion.


– To highlight the importance of a wring sheet to any web-based business

– To help learners to practice the process of setting up his/ her pressure page

– To provide resources that can naturalness the learning process and abridge the read curve.


3. 1 The Game and the Uses

If you have been online for any length of duration, you can retain visiting a website and after a while a software appear from seemingly nowhere wants to see you for your Word and Email so that they can send a endowment to your email box.

That page was a squeeze page on display!

It is called a squeeze page for two reasons ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

  1. It is use to come( mash) the customers’ details( names and emails) through the sales funnel to the shoring sheet .< li> It is also are sufficient to do( squeeze) the prospects’ email addresses out of them for future marketing pleasures

More often than not the experience can be quite annoying, but the prospects are appeased with a carefully preselected and joining knacks that they are able to perfectly tranquilize all his/ her exasperations while at the same time slaking his interest for free info( or sometimes free concoctions/ services are used as enticement talents) about sure-fire niche of his interest.

3. 2 Characters of Squeeze Page

There are three most well known types of squeezing page namely ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

  1. Static mash sheet – the more common, static and novices’ friendly, in terms of cost, interpreted on most websites
  2. Pop up mash page – a bit pricey, and the
  3. Splash wring sheet – a highly professional application

There are all plug-ins that are used to collect people’s emails for marketing purposes and the format of hand-picked all depends on you and the money at your disposal as well as the race you want to build up your list.

If you are using WordPress CMS to range your website, there are many of these plugins that are free to use. Even if you are not applying WordPress, most of them can still be adaptable to other content handling software like Wix, Joomla and Google Blogger.

Squeeze page is such an important implement in the management of your website and no serious, professional, and experienced website owned will ever clear the mistake of dismissing its use.

Next time you call an internet site, look around to see if it has this inquisitive marketing tool.

If not, leave the website as soon as possible.

Reason: the place is owned by an Amateur – may not have much to offer than buy, buy, buy…

Some website even go to the extent of contributing a timer and a counter to encourage their prospects to sign up as quickly as possible; and in view of the overwhelming statistics on such webpages, this easily cheats the visitors of any resistance.

3. 3 It is a Useful Trap

Before setting up the squeeze page, you might have prepared the furnish and accumulation it up somewhere so that your consumer can be REDIRECTED to them as soon as they finish the signup process.

It is this offers that you advertise on your squeezing( sign-up) page that will act as a subtle bait to persuasion your expectations to be willing to give out his email/ appoint and in so doing, you successfully capture their domiciles for further business deals and subsequent follow up.

Generally, the content of the mash sheet must not be too many to avoid distractions, simple-minded and minimally bulleted moments is recommended.

Remember to always compute a sense of urging and possibly scarcity and your( so to say) capture will become very magnetized and effective.

3. 4 Kinds of Offer

You can use any of the items listed below as an offer to encourage your prospects to sign up. It all depends on you and the type of online business that you are promoting.

But it is noteworthy that your offer must join your business representation otherwise your unsubscribe frequency will hit the roof. It is also a good feeling to setup your offering in order to be allowed to ONLY get it through their emails and not as a video or downloads which they can easily access abroad. This route, you will ogle more professional, successful and little scammy.

The common type of furnishes are ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

  1. Newsletter
  2. Sample concoction
  3. Email trend
  4. eBook
      1. Send Me My Free Tips is better than Submit your Identify and Email
      2. Video Course, etc .The last three have the highest signup charges though it all depends on your target niche markets. From my experience on some of my websites, I too advocate adding any of the social constrict sheet and at least a video to increase your signups. This opinion may be disagreed by some network captains, but as cited above, I support the idea for obvious reasons.3. 5 Call to Action

        Again I do, ever include a very specific but social call to action on your wring page

        Examples ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

  5. Sign Me Up is better than Sign Up Now
  6. Get Instant Access is better than Join Here
  7. Give Me Access is better than Subscribe Now
  8. 3. 6 The PracticalsI am now going to talk about the practical appearance of setting up your squeeze page and targeting.

    It is important to mention here that Targeting is more critical than any other thing else.

    Suffice it to say that before you even be started of setting up your crush sheet you are able to ask and answer the following issues for yourself ๐Ÿ˜› TAGEND

    1. Which market am I targeting?
    2. Who are my foresaw public?

    When I am targeting Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Bloggers who want to make their business online, I know my public are mainly newbies – young clas leavers, WASCE, Diplomas, HNDs, Graduates, Retirees, 5 years before Retirement, Underemployed Employees, BYO Boss aspirants, and Unemployed.

    The better presents for them are eBooks and ecourses, etc.

    I target different group of public when I am selling a Software.

    3. 7 The Process

    As for the setup, it is the simplest occasion to do peculiarly when you decide on the specific roster make( autoresponder) that you intend to use. There are plethora of information on their places to help you do this like in a bliss.

    You must also firstly decide as a learner whether you intend to start with a paid account or a free version to learn the robes.

    The most well known ones are Aweber, MailChimp, etc. as mentioned in the previous routes. Their courses on put together are easy to follow.


    With modern software pinch page can be put up by anybody who is not a Techie. Merely acquire the resources, stoop down and memorize the step by step process.

    5.0 SUMMARY

    In this lesson we plastered the best interests of a mash sheet to any online business speculation. We also emphasized the fact that anyone who wants to set up his/ her online business in such a way that will guarantee profitability in the shortest possible time, should place one signup assemble at the least on the home page of his website.


    THE PRACTICE: Sign up with any autoresponder of your pick and get a code.

    Use that system on your website to create a wring page.

    What is the difference between A SQUEEZE PAGE and an AUTORESPONDER?


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